You are invited to view Esther’s sculpture in the Gallery section.


Esther worked mainly with stone but she used different materials such as clay and metal.

Esther’s experiences in life are poured into her sculpture. She believed that deep feeling, a passion, has to exist in order for the sculpture to effectively connect with other people. Esther’s carvings reflect upon many different aspects of humanity, ranging from the misery of refugees to the celebration and joys of motherhood and life. Ultimately it was the human condition in circumstances such as these that fascinated Esther. Consequently most of her sculpture is figurative although, when the stone lent itself, she completed abstract pieces.

Some of the work displayed in the Gallery section is available for sale. As photographs never fully show the impact of the sculpture and Esther strongly believed that sculpture should be both a visual and a tactile experience, please feel free to contact us via the contact link to arrange a viewing.

You can also view some of Esther’s sculpture in and around Cambridge.  The Diver at Parkside Swimming Pool, Cambridge; Perseverance at Cambridge Artworksx.