Esther Melamed
Esther Melamed

Esther was born in Iraq, but she and her family moved to Israel in 1951 to escape the pogroms. Esther met her husband in a Kibbutz and later moved to Britain with her three children, eventually settling in Cambridge in 1986. When her younger child was old enough to go to school, Esther began to experiment with clay modelling and sculpture.

Following her ambition to become an artist, Esther undertook and was awarded a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Anglia Ruskin University in 1998. It was during her time at university that Esther discovered her passion for stone carving.

After graduating from university Esther set up her studio at Cambridge Artworks, Negus Yard, to not only sculpt her own stone but to provide a studio to teach students, budding or experienced artists, to work in clay and stone.

Esther has exhibited at the Royal Academy summer Exhibition in London and at the architecture book shop on Kings Parade, Cambridge. She was inspired by the human form and primarily produced figurative carvings but did carve abstract pieces as well.